About Me

Born and raised in the tropical jungle of Oahu, and now living in the concrete jungle of New York City, I guess I've always been an Island Girl. I started working for Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, eventually moving to magazines, where I swam in all things beauty and fashion, having the most fun at People and InStyle. Now you can see me vlog and blog about beauty and style right here at NuyBeauty.com. Because whether you're a gotham mom like me or just plain busy, you can always look great!

As a beauty and style expert and influencer -- I've been featured in magazines like Parents, Redbook, RealBeauty.com, among others, and am a featured contributor on StyleUnited. I am also a creative make-up artist, as beauty and style never stop as a lifestyle for me. You can see my editorial work at NuyCho.com.

Feel free to write me at nuy@nuybeauty.com!